Boardrider of the Month: Gage Boan

Boardrider of the Month: Gage Boan


I met Gage only a few months ago at the skatepark. He and his mom, Savannah, were in the process of moving to Cocoa Beach. Gage was always at the park around the time I was preparing for Summer Skateboard Camp. One night, he was skating and I was slacking and somehow he said he’d be into helping me with out with the camp.

“I want to help out with the skate camp…” — I’ve heard that phrase more times than I care to recall. Of course there are exceptions, but it’s very rare that anyone ever does show up to help out. Gage Boan showed up everyday. From 8 a.m. to 3 or 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, he swept the park, helped with refreshments, assisted with instruction, and even wrangled some morning frogs out of the bowl. But most of all, he skated for the fun of it and I knew we’d get along. We became fast friends as Gage and I dedicated four weeks of our summer to helping young people ride skateboards. Resident readers, meet Gage Boan…

Where are you from, Gage?

I was born in Orange County, California, but I’ve lived most of my life in Florida.

When did you move to Cocoa Beach?

I moved to Cocoa Beach like 3 months ago, and it’s great over here.

Where do you go to school?

I got to Cocoa Beach High School. I’ll be in the 8th grade this year.

When did you first start skating?

I’ve had a board pretty much since I was born, but I really got into skating after seeing the remake of “Dogtown and Z-Boys,” “The Lords of Dogtown.”

What was it that got you interested in skateboarding?

I used to have a ramp I helped build on my back porch in Orlando, but if you didn’t land a trick you would fly through the screen and land off the porch in the dirt and rocks, so we hand to staple the screen back up like a million times.

What are some of your favorite skate spots/parks?

I started skating at Orlando Skate Park, OSP, and I broke my collarbone the first day I went there dropping in on the 5-foot ramp. We went straight from the park to the hospital and then I couldn’t skate again for like 3 weeks, so I would just go up there and watch with my arm in a sling. I really like the cradle here in Cocoa Beach and Kona in Jacksonville is one of my favorite places. There’s Tim Johnson’s ramp, but you gotta watch for the three pit bulls — they like to drop in on you. Tim Kulas had The Crater in Orlando and that was fun. I’ve skated The Hangar Bowl in Charleston and I like the fiber rider out at The Property, but you have to be invited out there. Also, there’s the Solar Bowl in St. Augustine in this military kind of barracks and the lighting is all solar. I like to bomb the hill on 6th Street, too with all the old dudes and sometimes my mom.


That’s a full list of spots! Who do you skate with?

I skate with any and all kinds of people. The first time I ever did a roll drop in the Listen team was doing a demo and Danny Montoya and Rob Gonzalez were egging me on to do it. I skate mostly with my friends, Mike Rogers, the Bacon Team, Benji Galloway, Tim Johnson, Mike Barnes, Bucky Lasek, PLG, Neil Hendrix, Mike Frazier, and you. Oh, and I skated with Bruce Walker the other night. They are all great skaters and are all pretty cool.

I heard that. What is your current board/truck/wheel set-up?

I skate mostly GIRL decks; size 8, Bones wheels — 60s, the Grind For Life ones — FKD abec7, and Independent Trucks, and Cocoa Beach Skatepark grip tape.

Nice. Yeah, those new Grind for Life Bones wheels are choice. Do you skate contests?

All of them, at least I try to. I’m going to S.P.O.T. on my birthday to skate a bowl jam.

Any recent contest placings?

I was 8th overall in the Florida Bowlriders Series, and I got 2nd in the Concrete Rodeo here in Cocoa Beach.

I know you love the concrete, but what’s your water status? Do you surf?

Yes, I do surf with my friend Christa almost every morning, sometimes Todd Holland, Lauren McLean, and the other day I got to surf with Sean Slater, who gave me a pet crab I named Sean, he’s on my front porch now.

Man, you’re paddling with the A-list crew! Who got you into surfing?

Mike Oliver, a good friend of mine and Dack Holland, Todd’s brother, and that whole 6th Street gang.

What are some of your favorite bands?

Flogging Molly and Irish rock, but I love Lynryd Skynrd, Rush, My Chemical Romance, and Against Me! Against Me! is a punk band from Gainesville and I got to play foosball with them at the House of Blues.

What are some of Gage’s best movie picks?

“Lords of Dogtown,” “The Dark Knight,” “The Matrix,” “Talledega Nights,” “Anchorman,” and “Walk Hard.”

Where do you like to get your grub on?

Taco City, Slow N’ Low. And I eat lots of bacon, so anything with bacon on it.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on the interweb?

Definitely Charlie the Unicorn, where he goes to candy mountain.

Thanks for chillin’ and thanks so much for your dedication at the CB Skate Camp this summer!

No problem. It was a lot of fun hanging out with the kids, especially Josh. He’s from Ireland and he’s blind. I got to help him skate and I think he’s going to come surfing with me before he heads back to Ireland.gage_i

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