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ian millar Ian MillarHailing from Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, Ian Millar inherited his rich vocal tones and musical ability from the best of both sides of his family. He was an official camp-follower of the Irish Rovers, following in his father Joe Millar’s footsteps, taking to the stage and the road at an early age. When cousin Will Millar left the legendary Rovers, Ian joined Will on the road as an integral member of Will’s band, Some Mad Irishmen. Since then, Ian has toured the United States and Canada several times. He’s also toured Australia and New Zealand four times, twice as a featured soloist with the stage production of “Ireland” in 1998 and 1999. Millar’s many talents are on display on his first album, Raised On Songs And Stories, as a vocalist, musician, songwriter, composer, arranger, and producer — all duties of which are done gracefully and with a unique flair. A legacy of Celtic music has blossomed into an array of musical styles for Ian: traditional to contemporary Irish fare, folk and soft rock to country and western, classical standards, and rhythm and blues. Whether it’s a rollicking pub song or a heart song, Millar inspires strong emotions from his audience because music is his life; it’s in his soul. He’s turned his innate passion for the stage and the road into a recognized and seasoned artistry that perfectly compliments his love for tall sailing ships, the sea, and for living fancy-free. ian millar2 Ian MillarIan Millar appears at Paddy Cassidy’s Irish Pub (2009 N. Atlantic Ave.; Cocoa Beach; 783-0810) Friday, February 27th and Saturday, February 28th.
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  • Jose Dell Amore

    I met him in a Irish Pub, Fort Lauderdale 2005. This guy is FANTASTIC…..

  • Thomas Walker

    Hey Ian,
    It’s your highschool pal Tom. I was talking with Terri Collett (now married- what a sleeze eh!?) and we are tracking you down. So, when are you coming to Vancouver? We want to catch up…long time.
    My sister passed away this week (brain tumor) very sad, horrible actually. So, via this tragedy I got in contact with Terri and we had great laughs. Let’s bring back some old High School fun. Contact me Ian!
    Your schooly pal Tom

  • Doug Noonan

    Hi Ian. How the hell are you. Used to hang out at the Wild Rover in Victoria. Remember we all went camping on Galiano? Great times long ago.
    Hope all is well my friend!


  • Leigha

    Hey Ian. We use to date in the 11th grade. Congratulations on your career!! Would love to see you perform one of these days!!

  • Carol and Dennis Jones

    Thoroughly enjoyed your shows on the Indie over the New Year, live music and banter at its best. Really hope we will be lucky enough to be on another cruise when you appear. Still think you would be brilliant at Grandma’s feather bed. Keep on with the Brandy they still have way too much on board, now you know it goes well in a carajillio (you may need to check the spelling on that). Cheers xx

  • Matt Folkmuse Stone

    Howdy Ian, sure did enjoy meeting you and hearing your guitar and voice on the high seas recently. I’m the guy who knew who John Prine was, and then gave you a long list of songs. Turned out we both knew the Harp Inn and a few others. Safe travels and keep up the wonderful music.

  • Sherri

    Hello Ian,

    It has taken me till now to find a direct way to contact you or George, but I attended your Montreal concert in December. I had a front row seat, but quickly snuck to the back when my guide dog started to make a great big noisy fuss; I thought we’d be better in the back than kicked out all together (those over-sensitive German shepherd ears). The concert was just as enjoyable from the back. Somehow, I didn’t grasp the fact that the band would be signing autographs afterward. As I waited for my lift, an usher came and asked me why I hadn’t come to meet you. He’s the one who ran backstage with my ticket for you to sign, and ran back, to thrust into my hands, the signed ticket and the two CD’s that you gave me. As much as I’ve enjoyed the CD’s, I would have much preferred to have met you and the other band members, particularly since I grew up listening to the “Unicorn” album, and watching all the CBC shows. It’s the passion and the whole-heartedness in your music that is captivating, and draws me to my own Manx and Scottish roots.

    You signed my ticket wishing me the luck of the Irish. Well, I’ve been battling a brain tumor for the last year, and found out, shortly after Christmas, that it is shrinking. So, count me lucky, or, more accurately, blessed.

    If I thought you would be returning to Montreal, I would be telling you that I would make a point of meeting you next time, but I am of the impression that this is the final tour, of the Irish Rovers. I will treasure my signed ticket, and my two CD’s. Kindly pass my thanks on to George, as well.

    Best regards,

  • Brian Mckay

    Hi Ian: I always wondered what happened to you after Expo 86. Remember Harp and Heather and the Blarney Stone. Hope you are well, glad to see you are keep up the tunes, can you still play Norwiegen Wood.


  • http://www.lostwireband David & Cora Glassburn

    Hi Ian,
    We met you in Ft. Laurderdale and often wonder if you have a new CD and where you will be playing in the future. We live in Indiana.
    David & Cora

  • rick

    Sitting here listening to your version of “Song For Ireland” remembering those shows in Ft. Lauderdale, years ago. Worked for the airlines in those days and would bid my trips for the fun in the Irish Pub there. If you ever play the northeast, count on me to be there.

    Rick Weiss
    Southwest airlines

  • Patrick O’Hara


    I’m going to be at the Century Casino in Edmonton for your show November 23rd, wanted to know if you and John wanted to get together for a drink before or after the show.

  • Phillip

    Ian, planning a vaca to south fl in may, wish we knew where you might be playing, do you publish a calendar anywhere? love your music!