CD Reviews – June

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  1. “Bob Dylan could record an album of ABBA covers and it still might be worth buying. Even if it weren’t, there’d still be legions of fans who’d uncover some buried strain of genius from it.”

    That is a very well versed preemptive strike against those with good taste in music. It is smart to set up such a defense before you slight a beloved American icon.

    Was this Dylan’s best album? I would not say that, and we would be hard pressed to find any Dylan fan that would…but to not grant him some form of credit for such a ground breaking and historical career is folly. No one is perfect in everything they put their hands to, but there are gems in all of Dylan’s albums, even in some of the less popular, such as this one.

    …and to say that you suspect that Dylan may have been “taking a piss” on everyone through out his whole career?! That sir, is to bold.

    It is however, a well written review, and I respect your freedom.

    -Fellow American

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