Twombly’s Nautical Furniture

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  1. Doreen R says:

    looking to order furniture ???

  2. Big Al says:

    Call Joe at (321) 783-8610 for the shop and showroom. Get ready to laugh Joe’s a character and a joy to be around.

  3. judy young says:

    Hi Joe,
    Crazy at it seems I was looking at some surf furniture and came across your site! Years ago,1969, you came up to NY with Gary Proper and we traveled into NYC. What a night-went into Greenwich Vilage and think you bought a racoon coat! You drove me home to Long Beach and so sick drinking a bottle of sherry!!Yikes! We went to see Easy Rider during your stay….remember you were a great guy and always thought you were a great surfer too and tall. I still live in LB and married for 20 yrs. Hope this gets to you …hope you are happy and well Warm Regards, Judy Young

  4. scott P says:

    Bruce Valluzzi and I drove from florida to Calif one summer in a record 4.5 days no stopping except for cheese burgers and fries and stevie wonder on the radio of our 1965 ford mustang. Surfed a few days in San Diego then went to Greg Knolls house in Hunington Beach. Bruce stayed at Gregs house ten went to Hawaii because they were on the Hobie team. Old Memories. Bruce was a real great guy. Always had respect for the next surfer as long as you werent snakeing on his wave LOL

  5. Phillip Grasso says:

    Hi Joe,

    I purchased a Hatch cover /Coffee table from you about 25 years ago after seeing your work at St Patrick’s air force base. My son and I came to your shop and my son who was about 7 at the time placed different shells and sea creatures in the display before you baked it. I have had this table all this time and love it and we just moved to Jackson MS and the movers must have dropped it and it now has several stress cracks in the resin. I wanted to know if this can be fixed? If we ship it back to you can you put this back in the oven and heat to removed the stress cracks? I am going to call you this week to see if this is possible?
    Again love your work
    Phillip Grasso

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