Lamothe Lormier of The Global Family Inc.

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  1. Junior says:

    Good Job Lamothe that is a great article.

  2. Terry Greenwood says:

    Lamothe, Long time no see. You are still handsome as ever. Lucky Kim got to you first. Your sites are very high. As I remember they always were high and that most often you made them work. It is hard to believe that Luci is four and Luca is two.We have an other eye trip going to Thiotte in November or December.It is only one time a year but better than no times a year. I wish you success in finding Ophthamlogists would be there all year. I think there are enough people in need of eye services that neither of us will run out of patients.I was in Thiotte at the end of January and beginning of Feb.We were fortunate enough to have six practitioners.We were able to see 1000 patients. Many were suffering from the earthquake effects.We had an 11 day old baby and a six year old girl die. We were all devastated. We had a pediatrician but it was just too late to save them. We had some heart warming patients we were able to recover to health. We all slept in tents. They were very comfortable. Tell Kim hello and give Luci ans Luca a hug for me. God Bless. I plan to be back in Thiotte the first week of August. Come See us. Terry

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