Lowell Mill Girls Get Organized Lowell Mill Girls Get Organized
Article Category: Revolutions

Lowell Mill Girls Get Organized “In vain do I try to soar in fancy and imagination above the dull reality around me but beyond the factory roof I cannot rise.” — Anonymous Lowell Mill worker, 1826 Lowell, Massachusetts was named after the wealthy Lowell family. They owned numerous textile mills, which attracted the unmarried daughters of New England farmers. These young girls worked in the mills and lived in supervised dormitories. On average, a Lowell Mill Girl worked... [Read more...]

JunkieRush JunkieRush
Article Category: Local CD Review

JunkieRush Musica Self-released; 2009 Judging from Musica, their latest release, it’s no wonder JunkieRush have been hailed as one of the best bands to come out of the underground Orlando scene. Produced ably by Brett Hestla (Creed, Virgos Merlot, Dark New Day and producer of Tantric and Framing Hanley) Musica’s enthralling sound taps into several disparate genres — hard rock, Latin, funk and various Caribbean styles — and combines them in exciting and very original... [Read more...]

Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials
Article Category: Local Amp

LIL’ ED & THE BLUES IMPERIALS Lil’ Ed Williams, though small in stature, is a true giant of the blues, and among the very last authentic of the West Side Chicago bluesmen. From smoking slide guitar boogies to raw-boned Chicago shuffles to the deepest slow blues, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Lil’ Ed is an awe-inspiring master. He and his blistering, road-tested band, The Blues Imperials — guitarist Mike Garrett, bassist James “Pookie” Young, and drummer... [Read more...]

Drift Session Drift Session
Article Category: Local Amp

Drift Session The phrase “drift session” can mean a number of different things on a variety of different levels. To east coast surfers who have learned to adapt to the less-than-ideal shoreline angle, swell direction, and crosswind juxtaposition, it can define the act of surfing in a strong crosscurrent without resisting the powerful ocean flow, drifting down miles of coastline to an awaiting vehicle or final destination. Oftentimes life can have an uncontrollable flow that... [Read more...]

Don Soledad Group Don Soledad Group
Kimberly Stone
Article Category: Local Amp

Don Soledad Group By Kimberly Stone wwww.beachinmommies.com Formerly a solo artist, flamenco guitarist Don Soledad has formed a band of brothers to enhance his already eclectic blend of jazz, Latin and African percussion, and intense flamenco rhythms from Spain. It’s a blend that allows the Don Soledad Group to explore music from the deepest regions of the world. Represented by many ethnic styles of music, the group plays as a trio, quartet, or quintet. In addition to being extremely... [Read more...]

The Supervillains The Supervillains
Article Category: Local Amp

The Supervillains In their ten-year existence, The Supervillains have gone from hometown heroes in Orlando to a national force in the resurgent ska and reggae scenes. What they say is absolutely true: there’s no rest for the wicked. After 400 shows supporting their 2006 debut national release Grow Yer Own on LAW Records, The Supervillains spent the first part of 2008 recording their sophomore release on LAW, Massive. Recorded at Orlando’s Fighting Records Studios under the guidance... [Read more...]

Costa Rica Surf Report: April ‘10 Costa Rica Surf Report: April ‘10
Greg Gordon
Article Category: Costa Rica Surf Report

Costa Rica Surf Report and Forecast By Greg Gordon www.crsurf.com travel@crsurf.com FORECAST Caribbean Coast: The wave season is wrapping up this month, but there are still periods of overhead surf. Just follow any northeasters that head off the coast of North Carolina and wait about a week. The weather is just right, with lots of sunshine in the morning and cooling rainshowers in the afternoon. Expect locals to dominate the lineup at Salsa Brava, but plenty of open space at the Playa... [Read more...]

Bussen Report: April ‘10 Bussen Report: April ‘10
Capt. Scott Bussen
Article Category: Canaveral Fishing Report

So… the Groundhog Day saga continues. You’re probably thinking “Is this idiot going to go off on another rant?” or “Is he going to babble about television commercials again?” Although I’m not going to entertain you with anecdotes about daytime TV, I am going to tell you a thing or two about the National Marine Fisheries Commission and the South Atlantic Marine Fisheries Council. If that is going to affect your delicate sensibilities, I suggest you... [Read more...]

The Pirates of Abu Dhabi The Pirates of Abu Dhabi
Tyler King
Article Category: Tyler King

Abu Dhabi Adventure By Tyler King Never could I have imagined what I was getting myself into when I asked my friends to accompany them to Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. It was way too cold for a Florida day and I was just finishing up the delivery of a boat from Fort Lauderdale to the west coast of the state. I had the weekend off and was looking forward to some R&R with my girlfriend and the dogs. I decided to call my friend Troy to see if he needed a ride from the airport;... [Read more...]

Stovall Report: April ‘10 Stovall Report: April ‘10
Captain Sherrie Stovall
Article Category: Canaveral Fishing Report

Stovall Report: April ‘10 Captain Sherrie Stovall I do hope that winter is finally over because my heating and firewood bills are astronomical. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of fish that will agree with me in welcoming spring. But expect everything to be late this year due to cooler water temperatures. The cobia run, which can be really great during the month of March, was mediocre at best. A few fish were caught, but not in the numbers that should have been brought in. Scattered... [Read more...]

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