Sebastian Area Fishing Report: July ‘10 Sebastian Area Fishing Report: July ‘10
Captain Sherrie Stovall
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5v6 Stovall 1 Sebastian Area Fishing Report: July ‘10 Sebastian Area Fishing Report: July ‘10 • Captain Sherrie Stovall • The weather has been flat calm and the fishing overall has been hot.. or maybe that’s just the temperature outside. The offshore bar is holding some good numbers of kingfish right now. Slow-troll live baits or free-line them off your transom for an aerial show complete with exploding action as a silver bullet launches from the water and into the sky. Sailfish and dolphin are being caught on trolled ballyhoo in blue water from 130 ft. on out toward the cones. Get close to the Gulf Stream for temperature breaks and floating debris. Good numbers of cobia are still being caught along the Bethel Ledges and shallow bars close to shore. This will slow down as the month progresses. Many boaters have been bringing home a bonus cobia after a long day on the water. I’ve been holding off on the bad news for this report — it looks like the cold summertime water is here already and not playing around. The surface temperatures have really dropped and it is frigid on the bottom already. Divers are about the only ones who are happy when the cold water upwellings move in for the summer. Most of the fish rock up in their favorite holes or caves to conserve energy until the water temps warm up. The bottom fishing is a bust with the new regulations, and if you want to mess with the smaller bucket fish like sea bass and triggers, that will slow down now with this cold water. 5v6 Stovall 2 Sebastian Area Fishing Report: July ‘10 Sebastian Inlet has been a pretty good bet recently. The inlet is full of sheepshead right now, so grab your barnacle scraper and some fiddler crabs and go get them. The small blue crabs are starting to float out of the river on the outgoing tides. This can bring a whole herd of different species into the Inlet to suck them off the top. Expect big redfish, snook, tarpon, permit, and maybe even a cobia to be in there fighting for a chance at one of these crabs. If you can match the hatch and scoop up some of the crabs floating out, that will definitely work. If you can’t get any crabs, heavy topwater plugs thrown out in the middle of the Inlet will also work. The permit are usually further out off the tip, so long casts with a heavy weight can do the trick. The surf has been too calm recently to provide any of the wave action the fish like. Early morning high tides have been the best time to fish. If we get a little swell, expect fishing to improve. Despite all this, anglers are still picking up some nice-sized whiting and the occasional pompano. Most of the pompano have been small, so release these fish with care. One thing you can do when it’s calm is work the trough with your favorite lure. There are plenty of snook cruising the surf right now up against the beach. When it’s calm and clear you can actually sight-fish them. Areas around the Inlet tend to produce more fish, so grab your plug box, and walk and cast to get exercise at the same time. 5v6 Stovall 3 Sebastian Area Fishing Report: July ‘10 The river this time of year is going to be best in the morning or evening. The water warms up quickly as the sun begins to climb, so the fish are most active in low light conditions. Live shrimp or pig fish under a popping cork can work wonders. If you’re an artificial guy or gal, topwater plugs or shallow diving plugs can do the trick. I’ve been hearing good reports of big trout and slot-sized reds in the river. With these long days, it’s great if you’re an early bird because you can get a few hours of fishing in the morning and still make it to work on time. As always, check in at Whitey’s for the latest and greatest fishing reports and techniques. If you want to get on the river for a day of fishing, check out our rental boat fleet at: Until next time, tight lines!
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