Jedi Grind Tricks: October 2010

Jedi Grind Tricks: October 2010
• Scooter Newell •

The Cocoa Beach Skate Park and Space Coast Junior Achievement came together and held a fundraiser contest on September 18, 2010. Over $2,000 in proceeds went to the Space Coast JA business programs in our local schools. The contestants were using the entire park as the terrain format, forcing competitors to show transition skills in the bowls as well as street skills on the ledges and rails. The contest yielded some amazing skating and mind-blowing runs from such skaters as Clive Dixon and Lea Taylor, but in the end it was all about raising money for Brevard JA programs. Ah, yes… skateboarding working hand-in-hand with local businesses to promote and support education.

I could write a book on how the “run for run” skating went down, but some of the most memorable standouts were in the Girls Division: Megan G. with a fakie shuvit to disaster in the flow course and clean ollies up the step-up; Rosemary S. did some nice backside airs on the hip and dropped in on the clam shell; Grace H. had the top speed record for the day with intense lines all over, and Haley M. navigated the pockets and corners like she was born in a skate park. Lea Taylor was on the mic calling the tricks as a guest MC while the girls ripped it up.

Peyton D. started skateboarding in May of this year and took control of the Beginner Class with nice lip-tricks on the 2-foot quarter pipe and good carves and launches from the bowl. Miles D. displayed good style in the flow course with some high airs out of the bowl, and Dominic A. had nice indy grab airs and skated awesome during both runs. The 9-and-Under Class was dominated by Mathew D. with huge grinds in both the deep and flow course. Gunnar R. was ripping the flow course and did a creative transfer from the mini ramp to the bank ramp, and Elijah A. had clean grinds and melon launches all day long. Look out for these kids!

Elsewhere, Mikey M. destroyed it with a great first run. He has one of the nicest backside transfers over the hip you will ever see. Blake K. was floating huge ollies across the lip of the 7-foot wall like butter. Cole D. landed a miller flip in his run. Luke M. skated fast and clean with a unique handplant trick in the clamshell, and Andrew C. skated with the largest grin of the day.

Let me tell you about Sam Rooks. Handrails, ledges, flow, deep end… he hit it all and landed it all. It was a perfect first run, and Sam finished off with a monster ollie into the waterfall of the deep end of the 10′ bowl. Jonathan Morefield had the CB Park on lockdown and took 2nd Place, while Mark Robinson from Palm Bay pulled in the 3rd Place spot.

The Sponsored Division was one of the gnarliest ever. Clive Dixon took it with f/s 50-50 in the deep end, b/s Smith grinds clean and long, f/s feebs on the 7′ wall, a feeble fakie up the round rail, and huge gap to 50-50 on the big ledge along with an insane flow run. Steve Pinero from Jax took 2nd. Blake Kovarik 360 flipped to f/s 50-50 on the a-ledge, and did some nice nosebones over the hip. Derek Corby skated clean and had one of the nicest smith grinds of the day. Lea Taylor rules; she had the guys all runnin’ skerd when she screamed through that cradle at top speed nearly upside down! Frank S. had some gnar deep end attacks with a hurricane and invert and also did a proper layback grind in the clamshell. Spike always has you wondering What was that? Texas plant to s/s back Smith? Boardslide fingerflips? Who does that? Spike does.

Big thanks to all of the sponsors, the JA representatives, the Student Contest Committee, Keith Baldassare for MCing most of the day, Lea Taylor, Dan Hatcher, Dean Rosenquist, Carol Craig, Kyle Chambers, Joe Grant, Matt Hannan, David Morefield, CB Skate Park, and Craig Technologies for really getting behind this event.

See you next year! (September 17, 2011. Mark it now.)

News Rants:

Satellite Beach Skate Park will be hosting a contest on October 10. Call 321-773-6458 for details. $10 entry.

On Saturday October 30, Graffiti Skate Zone will be hosting its 9th Annual Monster Mini-Ramp/Street Contest and Costume Contest. Check out Graffiti Skate Zone on Facebook or at Call 725-2588 for info on registration.

Steve Workman and Rich Payne “Brew Models” are out now from Demon Seed. The Brevard-based “Brewery” held a release party at Eastwood Skate Park in Rockledge last month. Boards are available at Cocoa Beach Skate Park, Eastwood Skate Park, and through

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