Jennifer Rowlette-Reneau of the Smiley Riley Beach Bash

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  1. Gary Monai says:

    I enjoyed your article about Jennifer Rowlett and Smiley Riley’s Beach Bash. I belong to a group named Families Exploring Down Syndrome of Brevard, (FEDS). We are a non-profit all volunteer group that helps support (in numerous ways) all families in Brevard County who have a member(s) with Down syndrome. Our goal is to raise awareness about Down syndrome and support the families. Smiley Riley’s Beach Bash was started by Jennifer as a way to thank the community for their support. Jennifer and her family are associated with our group, Families Exploring Down Syndrome of Brevard,(FEDS). It was a member of our group that contacted Jennifer upon the birth of her daughter Riley.

    Families Exploring Down Syndrome of Brevard, (FEDS) currently holds two annual fund raising events Our next event is the annual “Step Up For Down Syndrome” event. All of our funds go to support people with Down syndrome here in Brevard County. This month, in connection with National Down Syndrome Month, we will hold our “Step Up For Down Syndrome” event at the City of Cocoa River Front Park on October 23, 2010. It is a day of fun, a parade of families, food (provided by many businesses in Brevard), events crafts and a general carnival type atmosphere for families and friends to raise awareness, provide educational support and of course to raise donations to allow us to provide various types of support to our Brevard families living with Down syndrome.

    My issue with Mr. Rivera’s article is with the inaccurate use of Down syndrome. Admittedly I’m sensitive to this issue, but I did want to point out two mistakes in the text of the article. First, the condition(s)are called is Down syndrome, not Downs Syndrome. The syndrome was identified by a Dr. Down and named for him. There is no “S” in Down and syndrome shouldn’t be capitalized. In the article is the phrase “Dows Syndrome Children”. They are children or people with Down syndrome. You wouldn’t call some one a “Cancer kid”. They would be a child that has Cancer.

    Again I want to thank you for helping to raise awareness about Down syndrome and the many capabilities that these people have. Also you may want to have a reporter cover our event in Cocoa Florida on the 23rd of this month from 8:00AM to noon.

    Also this year Mr. Hernan Garcia opened a runners shop in Cocoa Village, he is what is known as an Ultra Runner. Mr. Garcia has taken (FEDS) under his wing and helped us start an annual 5K walk/run fund raiser held earlier this year. Mr. Garcia will be running in this year’s Space Coast Marathon but in addition to that he will be running for 24 hours prior to running the Marathon! We will have a contest with prizes whereby people guess the total number of miles Hernan will run in the 24 hours preceding the marathon in addition the marathon itself.

    Thank you for your time reading this.

    Gary Monai

  2. Linda Waarum says:

    My daughter is Down Syndrome also and she is now 45 years old, married and is a very accomplished swimmer and bowler for Special Olympics. I was a Jr. Olympic Swim Champion so I began teaching Kim and her siblings when they were young and swimmming and water sports have been a big part of our lives. I started the Duval County Special Olympics Swim Team when Kim was 19 with 7 swimmers and we now have 60 on our First Coast Dolphins Swim Team. I am so interested in having Kim get into your surfing program. We live here in Jax., FL and would love some feedback as to who to contact. Thanks so much. Sounds like you have a wonderful program.

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