Bastard Lovechild of Rock N’ Roll – Bim Bom Bastard Lovechild of Rock N’ Roll – Bim Bom
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12v6 BLORR BimBom Bastard Lovechild of Rock N Roll   Bim Bom BASTARD LOVECHILD OF ROCK N’ ROLL BimBom Self-Released; 2010 There’s a touch of the ironic in much of Bastard Lovechild of Rock N’ Roll’s music, but you’d expect that from a band whose members go by the names Cookie Sugahips and Hotdamm Sweet Huckleberry. But whether it’s all a joke or not is immaterial, because if nothing else, BLORR want you to have as good a time as they are. The Satellite Beach-based duo, comprised of keyboardist/vocalist Chris Hess (Sugahips) and drummer Adam Winn (Huckleberry), are sure to draw comparisons to the White Stripes with their sleazy, bottom-heavy rock stompers, but Hess and Winn don’t take themselves nearly as seriously — and therein lies their charm. Bits of BimBom, their latest nine-song EP, could very well be jokes within jokes  — naming songs “My Terrific Tushhh” and “Booty Makin’ Baby Shakin’” tends to make one wonder — but they ultimately win you over with their enthusiastic rendering of rock at its most primeval and raw. Elsewhere, BLORR embrace soaring, Jeff Buckley-style sublimity (“Halleluja, I’ve Been BLORR’n Again”), transcendent Verve-like atmospherics (“Seven Sisters”), breezy bossa nova (“My Blushing Grape”), and twinkling, laid-back indie “(A Baby Is Born”). The further the album plays out, the more the duo reveal themselves to be masters of their own sonically expansive domain. When it’s all said and done, there’s nothing the least bit funny about BimBom. But for a few dodgy lyrics, it’s a stellar album made the way they used to — full of fitful moods, emotional arcs, and soul-saving messages. That all of this it is achieved with so little is simply amazing. Catch BLORR on February 18 at the Social in Orlando. BLORR have a strong online presence. Check them out online and hear samples or purchase the entirety of BimBom at these addresses:;;; BimBom is also available through iTunes.
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