Jedi Grind Tricks: May 2011

Jedi Grind Tricks: May 2010

By Scooter Newell

In the back of my mind I was hoping that President Obama would swing in to the Cocoa Beach Skate Park while visiting the area last month. It never happened. We were all bummed when we heard the launch was scrubbed, and I was sure that the President would just fly back to Washington, eliminating the chances of that chopper landing out there in the soccer field. There’s been so much going on lately that I really don’t have the space to write about a presidential visit even if it did happen.

The Cocoa Beach Skatepark became the stage once again for a Grind for Life Skate Contest on April 23. Skaters from all over Florida and beyond came out to support the cause and raise money for people with cancer. Mike Rogers founded the non-profit GFL to help cancer patients who have to travel to obtain treatment. Covering everything from minor gas and hotel expenses to major hospital bills, Grind for Life has been there for scores of people. Mike himself is a two-time cancer survivor and his story can be found at

The contest was held on a perfectly clear Saturday, with people coming from as far as Kentucky to shred for the cause. With Brian Marsland on the mic, the judges started to score the runs. Each skater had two runs of 50 seconds through the flow course.

Some great skating went down here. Elijah, Dominic, Gabriel, Miles, Lance, Justin, and Zane all ripped it up in the 9 and Under Division, and Noah walked away with Third Place. Lance Alber has a million creative boneless and beanplant variations and is super fun to watch. His son Dylan ripped it up in the 10-12 age group.

Skateboarding is all about the underdog, the outcast and the one who has to endure pain before understanding the pleasures of skateboarding. Robert Rios came out of nowhere about a year ago and started skating at 41 years old. For a few months, the kids — and his own kids — were skating circles around him. Now of course the kids can always skate circles around us, but today Robert is keeping up just fine. Lately, he’s been throwing down a few grind variations and rock-n-rolls and carving the whole bowl in nice clean lines. Plus, he’s been skating with guys like Lonny Reiter, Dan Brown, and Mike Rogers once or twice a week — and that will get you in tune with the bowl real quick. Hats off to you, Robert, for your first skateboarding trophy!

The GFL tent also had raffles and games to win skate gear and kids were winning all day. Big shout to Mike Rogers and Jill for a quality event! Check out the last stop of this contest series in New Smyrna Beach this May.

If the shuttle does indeed launch between May 2 and June 1, maybe the President will come back to the area and cruise on over to the skate park. In fact, I’m an optimist. He will be back. Mr. President, we can accommodate your family with helmets, pads, and lessons. We could also sign you up for skate camp, but you’re also welcome to just hang out with us on Go Skateboarding Day. If you’d like to set up a private tour of the Cocoa Beach Skate Park, we can arrange that, too. Just hit us up of Facebook.

News Rants:

The kids will be out of school this month and skating all over the sidewalks and bike paths, so please drive safe and watch for skateboarders!

Satellite Beach local Josh Hudson recently made his way to the new Titusville Skate Park and said it’s definitely worth checking out. We hear you just have to watch out for bikes.

Keith Baldassare won the Ghetto Contest in Zephyrhills recently, taking home some loot.

CJ Dixon went to NYC recently for some video/photo projects.

Adam Taylor recently got Third Place in MegaRamp at Asian X Games.

Graffiti Skate Camp in Palm Bay starts June 20. Call 725-2588. Cost is $99/week and includes lunch and instruction Monday through Friday.

Cocoa Beach Skate Camp starts June 13. Register at the Skate Park. CBSP will accommodate families with special needs. Please message us on Facebook, or call 868-3238

“The Park” in Melbourne is rumored to be having an Art Camp as well as Skate Camp this year.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom, Mom-in-law, and Grandma! … And to all the moms out there!

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