The Bird Dog Bobby Band

The Bird Dog Bobby Band

The Bird Dog Bobby Band delivers upbeat creative originals with deeply-rooted versions of blues classics, all of which reflect the members’ extensive range and depth of experience.

Their encyclopedic knowledge of the blues is evident in the tasteful composition and razor-sharp execution of their original songs, marked by guitar wizardry and smooth, emotional vocals. All of these factors make the whole of this band greater than the sum of its parts. Listen, and you’ll be rewarded with one well-executed riff after another, each new, but inextricably linked to long traditions of other blues masters.

Drummer Reno Mussatto’s powerful vocals and solid grooves always have just the right feel, and Gary Whitehead bonds the rhythm section together with perfectly balanced bass lines. The band’s namesake, Bob “Bird Dog” Rhoads (guitar and vocals) rounds out this trio comprised since 2008 of former members of the Smoking Torpedoes and the Honey Hounds. Mussatto describes BDBB’s founding thusly: “Gary Whitehead and I had been playing with the Smoking Torpedoes when the group disbanded, leaving he and I without a frontman. I remembered hearing Bird Dog Bobby and how he really rocked, but that his band, the Honey Hounds, weren’t interested in playing original music. So we went to him and proposed we start a band to play original songs.”

The band have two CDs under their belt, the propulsive Live at the Plaza Theatre (recorded in late 2008 after being together about six weeks), and the Time to Live In, released in 2010. Made up of 13 original tunes, Time to Live In stems from the members’ personal experiences and is truly a labor of love. Bouncing between accounts of life on the road and clever subversions of classic blues tropes. Overall, the album showcases the silky smoothness and steely precision of a band in command of both the stage and the recording studio.

Catch the Bird Dog Bobby Band July 29 at the Beach Shack (1 Minutemen Cswy., downtown Cocoa Beach; 783-2250) from 8 p.m. to midnight. They’ll also be performing at Lou’s Blues in Indialantic July 2 and 31. To learn more about the band, visit, or search for them on Check back with the Resident next month for a review of Time to Live In.

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