3,000 Years Of Life On Our Rio de Ays

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  1. Mark Clancey says:

    Rick Piper,

    Congratulations on a well researched and compelling argument in opposition to the Ponce de Leon Island agenda. The legacy of the Ays has been buried for too long. Hopefully, your work against the ceremonial naming will mark a renaissance in cultural preservation on our barrier island. Everyone needs to know the legacy of the Ays through public education and dedication of cultural landmarks. But if their first introduction to it is this political controversy, so much the better, in my opinion.

    And, of course, a book by Rick Piper with color illustrations is essential for the historical record. Proceeds could go toward a Rio de Ays museum.

    Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

    Best wishes,

    Mark Clancey
    (321) 288-5805
    mark.clancey @ yahoo.com

  2. george cogswell says:

    re: “3,000 Years” – so true, and there are those among us who wish to curtail immigration: try to imagine what these peoples were thinking . . . . I am wondering if Rick Piper is the UF grad student that presented a lecture at the Cape Canaveral library [in cahoots with another local historian whose name escapes me at the moment] a while back? The topic was nearly identical, as I recall, and you mentioned a location called ‘Gilbert’s Bar’ in your presentation. . . if that would be you, please contact me; I have some sketches made by my Great Uncle, William A Walker, in the late 19th Century that may be of interest to you. g

    1. Mark Clancey says:

      George Cogswell:

      You can reach Rick Piper by going to his website, http://www.rickpipersart.com/. He will probably be very interested in seeing your grandfather’s sketches.


  3. Anne Bird says:

    This is an outstanding article by Rick Piper! Considering the importance of the issue–identifying Brevard with Ponce de Leon–I think the article is probably the only really grounded work I have read locally. Florida Today is a necessary news outlet but nothing they publish is as good as this. The Resident is really a good paper and much-needed here on the Space Coast.

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