Jedi Grind Tricks: March 2012

Jedi Grind Tricks

By Scooter Newell

I think Rocky Raccoon has finally climbed out of his dumpster, seen the shadow of a sanitation truck, and decided to bail on the hibernation. Winter is over!

That was the longest week of winter we’ve have had in years… But that’s okay! In Skateboardland there’s not a lot of room for winter — not even a Florida winter. The visiting U.S. and Canadian tourists laugh at me because I’m usually bundled up in a sweatshirt and beanie with the heater set on 78 in the shop.

But with spring on the rise, that means skateboard season is on the rise! (I think I say that every season.)

The weekends have been lovely and the kids have been ripping. We’ve been making some improvements at the Park with extra attention placed on our movable metal obstacles. Big shouts to Jesse for welding us back in to action.

The President’s Day Street Jam went well with about 20 local skaters having competed in a jam format while the judges documented every maneuver that could be classified as a “money trick.” Skaters were broken up into age groups, skated four at a time, and were paid $1 for each good trick. Each skater walked away with a couple of dollars; some walked away with a few more. We also gave out prizes to everyone who entered. The prizes ranged from decks to free passes at the Park. Big thanks to the sponsors for the President’s Day Jam: Sunseed Co-Op, A1A Signs, Volcom, Grind For Life, Vitamin Water, Evasion Clothing, Slater Surfboards, CBS, and GSZ.

Upcoming Contest and Demo Info

March 18: PRO DEMO at Cocoa Beach Skatepark, 4 p.m. CBS will host the World Industries Pro Street Team for a demonstration/session and autograph signing. The pro team will be traveling from California and will ultimately wind up skating in the Tampa Pro the following week. ** Catch the team TWICE!! They will also be at Graffiti Skate Zone (1450 Pt. Malabar Rd. in Palm Bay) on Monday, after school, March 19. **

Also coming up at Graffiti Skate Zone: “For the Love of Skateboarding,” which will be a two-park stop in one day. The Palm Bay city park at McGriff Park will host the first portion with the main event to be held at Graffiti Skate Zone afterwards. There will be lots of prizes and goodies for the kids as well as food and sales in the skate shop. GSZ has some great events going on. If you’re able to make it out there, it’s sure to be a great time. Check out “Graffiti Skate Zone” on Facebook for the contest info.

March 30: Spring Break Jam at Cocoa Beach Skatepark. Game of Skate, Best Trick, and “5 Walls of Funk” in the Flow Course. Check Cocoa Beach Skatepark’s Facebook page for details. The CBS staff will also be joining forces with the Easter Surf Festival to produce a skateboard contest on the beach April 6-8. Future 6, an apparel brand based out of Orlando, has put up some money for the Pro and Masters Divisions. The event will take place at the Cocoa Beach Pier and the contest will be held on a halfpipe on the beach. The GoatRamp crew will be putting together a 32-ft. wide ramp that will range from 6-8 ft. in height. Check out the “Future6” page on Facebook for more details.

Other News

Shouts to the GSZ and CBS teams, featuring Sam Rooks and Jonathan Morefield. They skated in the Three Amigos contest at Stone Edge Skate Park and wound up in 7th place out of 20 teams! Congrats to both! Looks like they get to stay on the team a little longer — but may need to start taking out the trash at the Skatepark!

The Grind For Life contest series continues this March 31 with a contest at Ramp 48 in South Florida. For contest info, check out or the “Grind For Life” Facebook page. Be sure to check out this event if you can make it!

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