Southern Fried Genocide

Southern Fried Genocide
Southern Fried Genocide

Self-released; 2012

Cars, liquor, and being gainfully employed by the cloven-hoofed boss of the underworld are all topics that get equal air time on this self-titled release by the Melbourne-based Southern Fried Genocide.

Formed from the still smoldering ashes of the now-defunct Zombie Jesus, Southern Fried Genocide ups the ante with solid slabs of suvern blacktop boogie served white hot.

With buzzy, volatile guitars that sound as though they might come apart at any moment, most of the songs are performed in overdrive tempos and as such, is perfect skateboarding/irritate-the-neighbors music. The songs bring to mind dark images of horror films, running ‘shine, and street races that end badly for someone.

Original, brash, and decidedly nervy with his coarsely agitated vocal delivery, frontman Stevo delivers a memorable performance throughout the album. But main guitarist Mark, a.k.a. “Rockshow,” steals the show every time he steps up to take a lead, most notably on “Working for the Devil.” Like a possessed Chuck Berry crossed with Rick Neilsen, Mark plays as if he has something to prove, and his fretwork is incendiary, fluid, and melodic. There are more than enough chops to spare on these eight tracks.

The lineup is rounded out by Wes AWESOME (rhythm guitar), Reid (bass), and Ralph (drums), all gifted, agile players who lay down impressive rhythms at breakneck speeds. Proof of these solid, unwavering tempos is the freedom they afford Mark’s over-the-top lead work on standouts like “Four Door Hornet” and “The Dreggs.”

The band have been gigging steadily, with high profile dates opening for national acts like Cracker, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, and Brooklyn’s Hull under their belts. Southern Fried Genocide are a solid five-piece who show nothing but promise of great things to come with this high-octane debut.

— M.A. Rivera

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