Music Calendar: October 2013 Music Calendar: October 2013
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Movie Reviews: October 2013 Movie Reviews: October 2013
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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Director: Cody Cameron and Kris Pearn Stars: Bill Hader, Anna Faris, Will Forte Remember how the first “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” left you hanging and hungry for more? Neither do I. As sequels go, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2″ would have been much better as a stand-alone film, because the original idea of a fantastic contraption that made food pour down from the clouds is just a convenient way for the three... [Read more...]

Horrorscopes: October 2013 Horrorscopes: October 2013
Lance Stardancer
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LIBRA:  If there were any doubt that your partying days were over, it’s all settled when you opt out of a weekend trip to Miami with friends in favor of a mid-afternoon run to CVS for Mylanta by your lonesome.   SCORPIO:  You’ve long been interested in volunteering, and you get the chance later this month when your companions in the lifeboat need someone to eat.   SAGITTARIUS: No one is as concerned about the state of the nation as you are. And I mean no one. Might... [Read more...]

CD Reviews: October 2013 CD Reviews: October 2013
T. Bennison
M.A. Rivera
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Emily Kopp Serendipity Find Me Independent Release; 2013 Serendipity Find Me, Orlando singer/songwriter Emily Kopp’s first full-length release, follows in the same vein of her earlier Potential EP, and the songs here are just as sunny and light as a perfect spring day. “Can’t Catch Me,” is a great example of some of her quirkier writing; Kopp would have you believe this is another lighthearted coffee shop sort of pop song, but it features some tricky jazz chords... [Read more...]

Stephen “Goat” Waterman of Hunker Down Stephen “Goat” Waterman of Hunker Down
Paddy McDrinksey
Article Category: Bartender of the Month, Entertainment

Being both a Goat and a Waterman by name should elevate this month’s “Bartender of the Month” into stratospheres of fame, but his terrestrial skills as a barkeep ensure that he’s very well grounded. Living here has helped the York, PA-born “Goat” fulfill his dream of wanting to live near the beach, but having become a professional golfer in 2005, almost making it in past years as a U.S. Open qualifier, is fame enough. Goat loves skateboarding, and loves it even... [Read more...]

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AMERICAN SPIRIT By Dan Kennedy New Harvest Books; $26.00 Just what is the “American Spirit?” Don’t tread on me!? Remember the Alamo/Maine/Pearl Harbor/9/11? All were coined to rally the public, but just the fact that the public needed rallying implies that righteousness is both selective and dormant, and that Americans can’t make up their minds as to the true crisis du jour. That’s the basis of Dan Kennedy’s new novel, where everyone is in cruise control... [Read more...]

KRAMER: October 2013 KRAMER: October 2013
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Kramer was adopted as a kitten from the Viera Petco in 2006. I knew he had to be mine when I saw his giant ears, goofy, cross-eyed look, and poofy tail. He earned his name from the “Seinfeld” character because he would always wobble his head, even when sitting still, and the only way he ever stopped after taking off was by sliding into the wall. He’s had an amazing life. He started as an indoor cat, first in Mims, then Titusville. Now he lives the good life in Cocoa Beach... [Read more...]

Recipes: October 2013 Recipes: October 2013
Samantha Deebel
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The slight drop in temperature drop means that fall has arrived — and what better time to start baking! Lately, I’ve really enjoyed making and eating quiches. They’re quick and easy to prepare, and you can have them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner — hot or cold — and they travel well in lunch boxes. I bake two at a time and share with friends and usually pair them with a salad or soup. Quiche 2 frozen pie shells (gluten-free, if you desire) 2-3 cups shredded... [Read more...]

Inquire of Romeo: October 2013 Inquire of Romeo: October 2013
Romeo Pomodoro
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Dear Romeo, I’ve got this old manual camera I found on Ebay and I’m trying to get into artistic photography, but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to work it. You’re involved in the arts, aren’t you? Can you help? Destiny P. Cape Caneveral Debbie, when I first moved here I worked for Glamour Shots where I was in charge of fluffing up the feather boas and polishing the brass bed posts. Cameras, I don’t know too much about. But it sounds like you... [Read more...]

Movie Reviews: September 2013 Movie Reviews: September 2013
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Jobs Director: Joshua Michael Stern Stars: Ashton Kutcher, Josh Gad, Dermot Mulroney This highly anticipated biopic wants to be both an angelic ode to the (co)founder of Apple and an obligatory philippic aimed at one of the most egocentric and manipulative CEOs in history. Casting Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs’ doppleganger, then, was an astute move on the part of the production team because “Jobs” certainly looks the part of a serious film but tries so hard at it that... [Read more...]

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