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By Stel Bailey

Leaders throughout Brevard County have been going green in their communities in all kinds of ways. In 2019, the City of Melbourne offered a composter rebate program, the City of Satellite Beach banned single-use Styrofoam at city venues, and the City of Cocoa painted storm drains to help educate residents on Lagoon health. Sustainability is important because it not only protects the earth but also improves our quality of life.
Our choices affect our environment and community. For the most part, it is relatively simple to maintain a “green” lifestyle. It’s just a matter of adjusting your awareness and habits. One way you can start making a personal difference in the world today is by using the zero waste philosophy: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot.
A majority of your trash is sent to a landfill and by 2021 we will only have 10-15 years of landfill capacity left in the United States. Every purchase we make is a vote for the world we want. Start refusing things you don’t need like freebies, bottled water, junk mail, and disposable products. All those things you are not using had to be produced at one point.

Another way to minimize clutter is by reducing your consumption. Opt for things like bamboo instead of plastic, bar soap, and multipurpose products. Material things do not make us happy in the long run and thankfully there are reusable alternatives for almost every single-use item.
Reusing is an important step in learning to live more sustainable because it cuts down on consumer purchases and saves us money. Find yourself a reusable water bottle, shopping bag, container, batteries and secondhand items. This way, we do not have to waste our scarce resources on producing more stuff.
Now that you’re rethinking your consumption, put your recyclable waste in the right place and reduce your food waste by composting. Rotting waste will provide you with nutrient rich fertilizer for your garden and help reduce dangerous chemicals in the environment.
Saving the planet requires individuals to make lifestyle changes that take the environment into consideration year round. By working together, we can make our community a cleaner and greener place to live and to pass onto our future generations!
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