Keep Florida… Safe

By Misti Blu Day McDermott

Social distancing is the new norm and crowds are to remain six feet apart and less than ten in one space. Businesses are closed, people are out of work, and stress levels are high. It’s important to focus on remaining cool, calm and collected throughout this hectic situation. Personally, I need to have a little routine to keep my mind on track. Being productive is good for my mental health. I created a daily schedule that (I printed and hung up) to ensure that I eat breakfast, workout, work on my projects, study, and not melt into bed numbly isolated as minutes go by one hour at a time. I also made a to-do list to cross off tasks that I never have time to do, such as clean my vehicle or make candles. @mistibluday

Let’s see what others suggest during their quarantine:

Britta Pryor: I am offering yoga live on my Instagram @tattoosyogaandrecovery

Leah Cavazos: I am offering virtual Tarot Readings via phone, FaceTime, or Facebook Messenger/Video. Tarot by Leah @tarotbyleah1111

The Invisible Diaries: We have a health advocacy podcast to raise awareness on invisible illnesses and educate and advocate for the chronically ill. You can find us on iTunes and YouTube or @theinvisiblediaries on Instagram.

Taylor Rae Riot: Netflix Wine & Watch Party with friends! You can download the Chrome extension and it creates a virtual chat/theater where you can join your friends to watch movies and shows together!

Joy McGregor: Learn how to play the ukulele!

Alana Marshall: A lot of musicians are offering live streaming to a free concert. Check out your favorite bands and see if they have a virtual show coming up. Dress up and make it a date night indoors!

Anneke Charland: Vegetable gardening! Beneficial bacteria in the dirt and it’s a good de-stressing activity! Good for young and old alike.

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