Album Reviews

Reviews by Fursey O’veebee.


First off, I would like to say thanks to Pati deVries over at Devious Planet for hooking us up with some great blues CDs to review. They have a lot of great artists on their team so check ‘em out! One such great is seasoned blues veteran Tas Cru, who puts out another winner in Memphis Song . Starting off with “Heal My Soul”, this jam has a little Dire Straits-circa-1978 feel to it, but this guy is way more than a Sultan of Swing. Nice harp work accompanies Tas’ unique vocals.The title cut is a little slower, with a mystical eeriness reminiscent of something you would imagine hearing if you were broken down over by the side of Bloody 520 in the middle of a dark night with a full moon.“Fool For The Blues” is a great cut with rocking guitars as Tas tells how people think he is crazy for sticking with the genre, but he ain’t going anywhere! “Bad love, hard luck, tough times and bad bad news / That’s how it’s always been, they call it paying dues / Willie got it right, he comes to spread the news / He comes to testify, he’s a fool for the blues.” It’s like Tas is talking to me on that one! In “Give a Little Up” he laments about the inability of humans to compromise, and how if we’d all give a little up, we might get along much better. It’s a nice, groovy slow jam that exudes visions of a smoke-filled, dimly lit bar as the harp wails. Kinda like Fun-Time used to be but without the holes in the ceiling and the rain coming through. Another mellow rocker, “Daddy Didn’t GiveYou Much (But He Sure GaveYou the Blues)” he wails about how he screwed up some girls head in a really bad way. He picks it up with “Have a Drink” with good keyboards and proposes a toast to everyone! A great jam to sing the next time you are at Straw Hat and want to keep that guy from fighting you.You know, that one over there who’s giving you the stink eye.“That Look” is a come-on jam where he’s telling a woman how fine she is, but he knows he is headed for trouble. Two card-related jams follow, “One Eyed Jack” and “Queen of Hearts”. In the former, he sings how he can’t win because the devil has stacked the deck. Funky grooves accompany this cut as well as more nice harp work. In the latter, not to be confused with Juice Newton, he slows it down again, singing for his woman that he lost and now wants back. In “Don’t Lie to That Woman” he tells the tale about how his woman will put up with anything except a lack of honesty. Sounds like a good deal to me! The next cut, “Feels So Good” (not to be confused with Chuck Mangione) he says he feels so good he wants to play the blues the whole day through, which sounds like a great day to me. He winds it up with “Can’t Get Over The Blues”, another solid hit with great guitars and harp.Tas’ latest release is sure to please even the toughest music critic, so go out and grab one of these before they are all gone like the Bernard’s Surf sign.


Hard-hitting blues rocker Anthony Gomes belts out another great CD with his latest: Peace, Love, & Loud Guitars . From the opening cut to the end, this CD rocks. Gomes’ guitar work is incredible as he rocks the frets off of the Flying V. He starts out asking B.B. King to come down from heaven and bring back the King of the Blues. He then hits the raunchy side with “White Trash Princess”, the trailer park dream. His description of her is classic, as he says she was wearing a “husband beater” and wants him to rock her trailer. He slows it down claiming to have “Blues in the First Degree”, a song that would make Blues Boy Willie proud (RIP).“Nasty Good” has some more good lyrics,“She’s not head over heels / She’s heels over head”. This guy could actually stand toe-to-toe with the majority of today’s “rockers” and blow them off the stage. That’s one of the great things about the blues, there are so many styles to choose from. Some slow, some country, some rocking, some mellow, some hard. There is an unlimited variety, just like the variety of bars when doing the walk-of-pain down A1A in Cocoa Beach but without the subsequent headache.“The Whiskey Made Me Do It” is another good jam, blaming all of his actions on the booze, “Drinking triples, and seeing double / Acting single, now I’m in trouble”. Sounds like me after a night out with Carolina Billy. Hopefully he is out of Cocoa Beach Jail by the time this comes out. Anthony slows it down in “You Are Amazing” where he delivers a romantic love song to his true love. We should all be so lucky to love someone as much as Anthony expresses in this lovely ballad. In the title track (who remembah title tracks), he rocks out another barn-burner that could probably be a new rock anthem.This song is worth the price of admission alone. Excellent guitar work. In “Stealin’ From the Devil”, he sings a spooky song about blues legend Robert Johnson, where he says he is going down to hell to get Robert’s soul back. Back to the dirty side of town he goes next with “Your Mama Wants to Do Me (AndYour Daddy Wants To Do Me In)” saying good girls go to heaven but bad girls go backstage. He slows it up a bit with “The Only Woman I’ve Ever Loved” as he laments a lost love, and pleads with the listener to not make the mistakes he did. Pretty funny considering he just sang about doing your momma and trailer love. In “Hard Road Easy” he rocks it out again, singing about life on the road and how you can’t stop him if you try.With the power in this CD, I believe him. He ends with “Take Me Back Home”, a slow ballad, showing his musical diversity once again proving hard or soft, this guy is the real deal.