Amanda Dreyer

Hailing from “Middle of Nowhere, Florida” (cue images of orange groves, cattle, gators and Publix subs), Amanda comes to us with a big smile and an even larger heart (she literally has one tattooed on her chest). She is the youngest of five, which suggests she ought to be spoiled; however, if she is, you’d never know it. Amanda enjoys the simple life she has carved out with she and her pampered pups. There were rumors of her dogs taking over the world, but unfortunately, their legs are too short and they seem to enjoy the coolness of Amanda’s shadow a bit more than world power.

Amanda’s role here at Beachside Media is “Controller.” She keeps the accounts managed and our heads on straight. While her background is in restaurant management, we’ve found her diversified talents to be incredibly beneficial to our Beachside Media team. Amanda knows what it’s like to manage a house full of squirrelly folks. There’s no shortage of shenanigans around the office, and her cool-headed demeanor helps to keep us focused and on task. If the bills are late, she’s going to call you. If you’re looking for worldly advice, she’ll be your Huckleberry. Amanda is nearly four years old in dog years, but she’s a wise old lady in the human experience, and we couldn’t be happier to have her on our roster.

Her favorite color is yellow. She loves sunshine, smiley faces, sunflowers and obnoxiously cheesy jokes. She prefers dad jokes to dirty ones and would much rather read a book than a Kindle. We wouldn’t be surprised if she was hiding a crochet kit under her desk. Amanda is cool, calm and pragmatic beyond her years. We jest about her mature ways, but the role she’s assumed could break a lesser person. Our money is on Amanda.