Gary Propper “GP”

Mentor, muse and friend, Gary Propper swept into our lives with all the ferocity and movement of a category five hurricane. A badass surfer from the early 70’s, Gary hails from Florida’s coastlines and is recognized in the Surfer Hall of Fame. Not only has he mastered the curves of ocean’s crests but channeled his passions into a variety of business concepts which has lead into a life very well lived.

We could go on and on about the careers he helped skyrocket to fame, but we won’t. Not that he doesn’t deserve the accolades, as he is a man well worth his weight in gold. We, however, wish to illuminate what a cool cat he is and how much we appreciate him sweeping into our lives and opening our consciousness to the greater possibilities. Propper, as of recent, tossed the collective of Beachside Media into his creative machine in an effort to help us seek new business adventures. Gary Propper’s enduring wish is to, with our help, create something which will leave this world a cooler, happier place. His stories are as wild and free as his spirit. The road to success is often marbled with challenges and opposition. Like a Godfather with the purest of intention, Propper has taken our hands and continues to lead us down a path illuminated by him.