Pet of the Month

My name is Blizzy Coupet. I have dark brown eyes that suck you in to doing anything I want, and my ears are so big you can use them like umbrellas when I perk them up. I’m 180 pounds of pure love, taller than most people, and have big teeth and a scary bark – but don’t let that fool you, for I wouldn’t hurt a fly… maybe just some lizards. Sometimes I forget how big I am; I think I’m a lap dog, and love to smother anyone who lets me. Luckily I’m so tall that we are face to face when you sit down. My family always tells me people need “space” but I don’t think I know what that means. So I get closer and breathe into your face until you love me.

My favorite things in life are food, adventures with Mom and Dad… and of course lots of love and butt rubs. I LOVE being outside and exploring! Some of my favorite memories are taking a canoe to the island and running around like a crazy pup… or those times I went camping with my family. Once a raccoon tried to eat our food; he didn’t know I was there until I let out a big “ruff!” And the raccoon jumped and ran as fast as he could – that was funny! I’m always up for an adventure. Oh! And my pup friends are the best! Sometimes they join my adventures with me. I make friends very easily. I’m outgoing, sweet, and very playful… My humans say I make everyone feel special and loved. The truth is I get a lot of love, so I have plenty to give.

The most important thing to know about me is that I live life like I play fetch – no matter what life throws at me, I catch it and run with it. Nothing can take the smile off this face!