Editor’s Note-January 2015

The success of the Beachside Resident is due to many things: our readership, hours of tireless work, sleepless

Hot Yoga Cocoa Beach Heats Up

January is traditionally the month for new beginnings, and while practicing yoga – whether for the first time or with renewed dedication – is on many resolution lists, it’s important to remember that there are as many systems of yoga as there are postures. Hot Yoga Cocoa Beach, which opened in January of last year,

Oranga Tanga Change Their Tune

“We were six musical brothers, then we were five.” That’s how musician Ian Koss pithily explains Brevard Busking Coalition’s metamorphosis into Oranga Tanga, a change that began slowly after founding member brYan Tilford passed away unexpectedly in early 2014. “As the survivors, we wanted to continue playing together, but it was undeniable that it was a

Athlone Clarke

One of the highlights of the recent Cocoa Beach Art Show was the work of Atlanta-based artist Athlone Clarke, whose intriguing mixture of folk and street art, primitivism, and abstract themes earned him the Wayne Coombs Best in Show Award. The Art Side is Sponsored by FracTEL Born in Jamaica in 1956, Clarke immigrated to the

The Surfinista

Surfing; skateboarding; sunshine; friendship; good vibes; local art; a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere, and fresh, healthy food – all the things that make Cocoa Beach Cocoa Beach contribute equally to the character of The Surfinista, and it’s hard to imagine one existing without the other. You could say that The Surfinista is a microcosm of the

Fracked Up : Surfrider Cocoa Beach

Florida Power & Light wants to invest in fracking, they want customers to pay for it, and they are asking the state for permission to add this fee onto our bills. FPL says that in the long run it will reduce costs to customers, but it would be only about 50 cents to a $1

Roger Burleigh

By Jennifer Bilchak As we welcome in the new year I challenge you all to think about the word “growth.” You can relate it to anything you feel fit, but I ask you to think about letting it start within yourself, because growing within creates blossoming without. I recently had the pleasure to chat with

The Holiday Spirit – All Year Round

Beachside residents are known for many things, not the least of which is their affability and willingness to