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Tobin Bennison
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Dear Supreme Being Person, Thank you for the food we are about to shovel into our greedy gobs as if we hadn’t eaten in months. Bless us now in our afternoon of avaricious abandon and forgive us depriving the rest of our extended and often aggravating family from third helpings by taking larger-than-normal spoonfuls of seconds. Speaking of family, thank you for getting Uncle Jerry and his sixth wife stuck in a blizzard at the Milwaukee airport. I couldn’t find extra chairs. Thanks... [Read more...]

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Features This Month

Wing kicks off Combined Federal Campaign Wing kicks off Combined Federal Campaign
By Senior Airman Natasha Dowridge 920th Rescue Wing Public Affairs
Article Category: Features, On Base


PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla.  – The opportunity for servicemembers to show they care through a Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) pledge to a favorite charity has begun. The CFC is the annual workplace giving campaign that allows members of the military and government employees to donate... [Read more...]

Jedi Grind Tricks: November 2013 Jedi Grind Tricks: November 2013
Scooter Newell
Article Category: Features, Jedi Grind Tricks, Sea Level


Recently a crew from the Cocoa Beach Skate Park competed in the Monster Madness Mini Ramp contest at Graffiti Skate Zone in Palm Bay. The competition is always tough in Palm Bay, but our local crew held their own on the mini half-pipe and in the street course. Six-year-old Silas Backus took the... [Read more...]

THE FORGOTTEN COAST: Florida on the Half-Shell THE FORGOTTEN COAST: Florida on the Half-Shell
By Vern Hobbs www.flying-fish-creative.com
Article Category: Features, Get Out Of Town


First Coast, Space Coast, Gold, and Emerald — the creative minds at Florida’s myriad visitors’ bureaus have struck a common theme. Seems like a good idea. Seems to work, but why, when hoping to lure the wayward tourist and his wallet to one’s particular strand of seashore would you choose... [Read more...]

Word on the Street: November 2013 Word on the Street: November 2013
Article Category: Features, Word on the Street


11/3: Woof It Up! American Kennel Club Responsible Dog Ownership Day, hosted by the Brevard County Dog Training Club, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Riverfront Park. This free event will feature vendors, family activities, presentations, food, games, and more. To learn more, visit www.cocoafl.org 11/15:... [Read more...]

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Word On The Street

Word on the Street: November 2013 Word on the Street: November 2013
News of the people, by the people, for the people...
Article Category: Features, Word on the Street

News, Events, Announcements and more. Got word? Email us at: staff@thebeachsideresident.com.
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Local Scribes

Rick LaClaire
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What makes a good barber? Good haircuts? Good price? No itchy hairs down your neck? No. Good conversation? Bingo. That having been said, no one likes a gabby barber. At least I don’t. So it isn’t the quantity of tonsorial (look that up) intercourse (look that up too), but the quality. And the... [Read more...]

By Rozan Jordan
More by this author: Local Scribes


A recent adventure had me pondering that age old adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” But I found myself wondering, “Can you teach Grandma?” Recently my son asked me to go scalloping with his family and their friends on the west coast of Florida. Not one to pass up... [Read more...]

By David Sherman
More by this author: David Sherman, Local Scribes


It was not a dark and stormy night. But it was certainly rainy enough, that sort of long and drawn out rain that usually calls to mind certain bodily functions. As if to make the comparison even more accurate, it was doing it into the wind. Still, it was dark, but then it was night, which always seemed... [Read more...]

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The Black Tulip The Black Tulip
Tobin Bennison
Article Category: Restaurant Review


The Black Tulip It’s named in tribute to one of the rarest and most sought after species of flower in the world, one that also inspired the title of a ripping good yarn by French author Alexandre Dumas. In business for over 30 years, the landmark has earned a reputation as one of the classiest... [Read more...]

So Good Cottage Cafe So Good Cottage Cafe
Tobin Bennison
Article Category: Features, Restaurant Review


So Good Cottage Cafe Just a hop, skip and a jump from downtown Cocoa Village is So Good Cottage Café, another one of those small, just-below-the-radar restaurants we love to champion. It fits all of The Resident’s unspoken criteria for a great eatery: it’s understated and inviting,... [Read more...]

Coastal Kitchen Coastal Kitchen
Tobin Bennison
Article Category: Features, Restaurant Review


I think the proper way to start this profile of Coastal Kitchen, which is simply the best thing to happen to the beachside since God invented sand, is by coming clean and abandoning all pretense of objectivity. Not that that would be anything new for The Resident — we’ve featured plenty... [Read more...]

Enigma Enigma
By: T. Bennison
Article Category: Restaurant Review


A lot has changed since we first featured Enigma three years ago. Back then, my daughter was a somnolent tot just 8 months out of the womb and Enigma was a cozy café occupying a small space in Satellite Beach’s Atlantic Shopping Plaza. My daughter is a big sister now, and won’t nap... [Read more...]

Jazzy’s Mainely Lobster Jazzy’s Mainely Lobster
Tobin Bennison
Article Category: Restaurant Review


Jazzy’s Mainely Lobster Each year around this time, when the weather warms up and Summer comes clad in Spring’s disguise, we here at the Resident think back on a great meal we had with family and friends beneath an umbrella outside Mainely Lobster in 2008. A few weeks back, we decided... [Read more...]

Silvestro’s Silvestro’s
Tobin Bennison
Article Category: Restaurant Review


Silvestro’s By Tobin Bennison Photos by Rich Sullivan  Since taking over last September, the new owners of Silvestro’s have had their work cut out for them. There’s no delicate way of putting it: prior to their arrival, the restaurant was fraught with problems —... [Read more...]

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