April 2015: Let’s Go Fishing!

Reel Life Whether by design or happenstance (or a little bit of both), this issue is packed full

The Great Optimist Fishout

Since 1983, The Great Optimist Fishout has given Space Coast kids and their parents or guardians an opportunity to spend a day fishing together at Port Canaveral. Presented by Southeastern Honda Living so connected to the water as we do here, fishing is an activity kids love to engage in, and fishing with one’s family

Mailing It In

By Scooter Newell Sk8scooter@gmail.com www.cocoabeachskatepark.com I went to the ceremony dedicating the CB Post Office to Rich Salick a couple of weeks ago with one main objective in mind: to be the first person to skateboard on the Post Office property after the unveiling of the plaque in Salick’s honor. I saw the whole crew.

Holly McRoberts of Seafood Atlantic

One of the best kept secrets in the Port is Seafood Atlantic, a retail and wholesale seafood market that’s also one of the best restaurants around. This month’s recipe highlights their famous fresh tuna salad, made with albacore tuna caught by the Albi, a long-line boat working in international waters off the coast of Cape

Don Ray

Artist Don Ray is known for his stunning paintings of marine life that incorporate the color, light, and motion of the many vistas he has encountered. From the offshore marlin and the ghostly bonefish to the great white heron and the roseate spoonbill, he strives to capture both the essence and form of these inhabitants

April Love Advice


Lory “LoLo” Corzine of Milliken’s Reef

Raised by left wing, liberal grandparents and right wing, conservative parents, this month’s featured Bartender has always had a knack for questioning the norm, thinking outside the box, and finding her own ideology. Lory Corzine, also known as LoLo, was born in Louisville, KY, and studied to become a high school teacher – “to be

Aggie Leonard

Casually sitting on skateboards at the end of his driveway, 8-year-old Aggie Leonard and I settle down for a chat. As he tells me about his hobbies and adventures, I remember doing many of the same things myself. I remember being old enough to play outside alone but not old enough to leave the yard,

Sandbar Sports Grill’s Fish Tacos

Sun, sand, waves, mellow music, a cold beer… What could possibly be missing from the equation? If you’re serious about the beachside lifestyle, you’ll want a fresh fish taco to complete the blissful scene. No one’s quite sure of the fish taco’s exact origins,  but it’s safe to assume that they’ve been part of the

St. Patrick’s Day 2015: Dublin City, Co. Brevard

Music is the cornerstone of Irish culture, and the artists Ireland has produced helped form the foundations of

Samantha “Sami” Sheldon of Florida Beer Company

Breweries from all over the country will converge there, bringing hundreds of different craft beers and food pairings to try as well as a chance to learn from leaders in the industry. Save the date: April 4 sees the arrival of the Florida Brewmasters’ Invitational event, hosted by the Florida Beer Company in Port Canaveral.

Collin Grimm

Don’t be fooled by his name, because every bone in our March Boardrider’s body is a funny one. An e-commerce and surfboard specialist at Catalyst Surf Shop, Collin Grimm spends about 91% of his life dedicated the the surf world, and the other 9% enjoying the grind. Having surfing as a hobby and a job

Rick Piper

Longtime Resident readers should be no strangers to Rick Piper, Cocoa Beach’s unofficial Painter Laureate and tireless champion of the local art scene. The Art Side is Sponsored by FracTEL We’ve featured Rick a few times over our 10-year history and he’s supplied us with a number of eye-popping covers, but his boundless creativity and almost