Alex Grossman
 of Mambo’s

Though May’s crowned Bartender was born in Brevard, he spent his formative years in Hawaii, and Alex Grossman is proud to reveal that he has never lived more than 10 miles from the beach. Apart from enjoying surfing, brewing beer, and all things related to agriculture, this Satellite Beach-based polymath is drawn to anything and

Grace Marhoefer

While meeting this month’s Boardrider, Grace Marhoefer (aka “Amazing Grace the Ace”) downtown at the Tiny Turtle I could tell the summer is fast upon us — ice cream cones quickly melting from the intense sun and reggae music muting the sounds of sandy kids running around from the day’s beach adventure… Grace and I

Hands Across the Sand

On May 16 at noon we will be joining hands at Lori Wilson Park to send a message to our government leaders that we say “No” to fossil fuels, and “Yes” to a safe, healthy, and sustainable future with clean energy. Hands Across the Sand is an international grassroots event founded by Floridian Dave Rauschkolb

JJ Turk & Travis Lofland: Local Super Boat Team “No Vacancy”

This May 15-17, when you hear the thunderous roar of the high-powered super boats skipping across the waves of Cocoa Beach, enhance your excitement with some deeper understanding of the people at the wheel and throttle – people like JJ Turk and Travis Lofland, whose “No Vacancy” offshore team represents the beachside during one of

Optimism Wins the Day

Some of the locals were on on a traveling competition rampage in April; we had representation at skateboard contests in Tampa, Jacksonville, Jupiter, and Dallas, Texas, and there was even a small fishing contest at Port Canaveral called The Great Optimist Fishout. On April 22, Earth Day, we try to do our part at the Skate

Mondo Tikis

Mondo: used in reference to something very striking or remarkable of its kind (often in conjunction with a pseudo-Italian noun or adjective). That word offers some insight into the name of this Cocoa Beach-based band, but cofounder, keyboardist and vocalist Jim Pacelt says it stems from an old friend who passed away. “His nickname was

Taylor Stevenson of Coconuts on the Beach

Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion with a four course meal or just have a snack after a long day soaking up some sun, Coconuts on the Beach has an extensive menu that’s bound to satisfy any cravings you might have. From Mexican and Caribbean-inspired dishes to steak and fresh lobster, the variety

Casey DeCotis

If the name Casey DeCotis rings more than a few bells, it’s because he’s been a ubiquitous creative force on the Space Coast for close to two decades. The multi-talented artist and DJ has left his mark on a number of local projects, art shows, publications, and events, but it’s his stellar photography that he’s

Mexico’s Grill

Though Cinco de Mayo will have come and gone by the time many of you read this, it’s important to remember there’s always a good reason for tucking into authentic Mexican food. And just like on the streets of Mexico, the sights, sounds, and great smell of grilling meat can be found beachside at Mexico’s Grill,


If boating is your passion, then Marine Max’s motto – “United by Water” – will resonate with you fathoms deep. The roots of MarineMax date back over 40 years, but the story started when CEO Bill McGill moved his family to Florida to turn his lifelong passion into what would become the world’s largest boat

Get Ready for the Waterman’s!

Waterman’s Challenge We are proud to announce the dates of our 16th annual Waterman’s Challenge contest: June 5-7 at the International Palms Resort. Register early on Eventbrite — “2015 Watermans Challenge.” Anyone interested in being a sponsor or volunteering for the event should call Melody at (321) 537-2045. All sponsors and volunteers will earn massive amounts of

St. Petersburg: A Cultural Interlude

“Oh, yeah… that guy!” I exclaimed, recognizing the surreal painting,” The Persistence of Memory,” arguably the best known