Fireworks and the Environment

Many of us love to watch a colorful 4th of July or New Year’s Eve fireworks display. But

Larry’s Chicken Shack

Larry Mullin, a local now for over 19 years, loves fried chicken. The only problem he had with the Space Coast? There were no sit-down fried chicken places around. Kentucky Fried Chicken left the beach over three years ago, leaving a void. The only choice was a national fast food chain on Merritt Island. Larry saw an opportunity, and

Musical Roots: DJing With Mark Longenecker

Cocoa Beach’s Mark Longenecker pursues two forms of artistry, tattooing and DJing. Through his skill in the former and his love for the latter he has managed to become both proficient and profitable. Originally from Medford, New Jersey, Longnecker is widely known as the owner of Endless Summer Tattoo. He recently took time out from