The Cocoa Beach Art Show

A beloved local tradition continues this Thanksgiving weekend in downtown Cocoa Beach with the inaugural Cocoa Beach Art Show. A showcase of over 50 local and regional artists and live entertainment, kids’ activities, and food and beverage vendors, this grassroots event puts the spotlight on downtown and the historic role it has played in making


Meet Blue: four young Cocoa Beach musicians who have been making waves since they first began playing together in their first incarnation just six months ago. They’re sure to make an even bigger splash when they take the stage this Thanksgiving weekend during the Cocoa Beach Art Show in downtown Cocoa Beach. Founding member Joe

Time to Dust Off the Wetsuits

October was about as epic as they come around these parts. Edouard’s Wednesday swell gave us some of the cleanest waves we’ve seen here in a decade. And Gustavo was no slouch, either. So we’ve made it through another section, and it’s November: time to brace for the Nor’easters and the winter swells. Here’s what

Bruno’s Pizzeria

As the season of reunions, homecomings, and family gatherings draws closer, you hear more and more locals waxing nostalgic about the town they love so dearly. Photography by Mary Varuska After nearly 10 years in print, we here at the Resident have heard many such stories, but none more eloquent and illustrative of Cocoa Beach’s

A Briny Cornucopia

October was insane for bull redfish, and we caught multiple fish in the 40-plus inch range during several

Diversity Beats Adversity

This past October 15 we had some unwanted visitors – more unwanted than sea lice, jellyfish, or mosquitoes. These unwanted visitors were trying to use our local students for financial gain and to spread hate. But it didn’t even happen because our town stood up and decided in the face of adversity to welcome all faces

Be Aware

On November 15 our chapter is having an Aware-Fest at Coconuts in Cocoa Beach. Many people I talk to don’t know that our government has given the go-ahead to start testing for oil and gas deposits under the sea floor off our coast. I’m really excited for our chapter’s event this month because so many

Sandra Goodwin

Readers might know November’s Boardrider from her involvement in local events like Women of the Waves and the Salty Sweet Women’s Pro-, or through her support of best friend Eddie Gelles, with whom she surfs for Surfing 365, an ongoing waterbound local charity that benefits the homeless. Sandra Goodwin was born in New York and